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After filing a search and seizure motion prosecutor reduces the case to an infraction with no fine.

Misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Facing one year in jail.

After pre-file investigation prosecutor decides to not file any charges.

Felony Domestic Violence.

Three years in a state prison.

Charge reduced to misdemeanor, non sex-related charge with time served. No additional jail and no sex registration.

Felony Molesting of a Child under Penal Code ยง647.6.

Three years in a state prison and lifetime sex registration.

After thorough investigation, case reduced to a simple trespass. Client gets no jail and no community service. Client (who is in the Country on a green card) also avoids immigration consequences.

Client charged with misdemeanor domestic violence [PC 273.5].

Facing one year in county jail.

Negotiated informal diversion. Client completed 26 anger management classes and had the case completely dismissed.

Client charged with misdemeanor PC 273.5 domestic violence

Facing one year in jail.

All counts completely dismissed.

3 counts of criminal threats and one count of joyriding.

Client charged with 3 counts of criminal threats and one count of joyriding. Facing 7 years 8 months. All counts completely dismissed.

Lessem, Newstat & Tooson criminal defense attorneys negotiate an amazing time served disposition for client in Long Beach Superior Court as client gets Attempted Murder and Kidnapping charges dismissed in exchange for an Accessory After the Fact plea

Attempted Murder and Kidnapping

Negotiated time served disposition

Client confessed everything to the police. Negotiated diversion where if client completes some community labor and counseling the case will be dismissed.

3 counts of petty theft and one count of commercial burglary.

18 months in jail.

With thorough investigation we documented a strong alibi and showed the District Attorney that our client was not the person involved in this crime. All charges completely dismissed.

Felony forgery, burglary and identity theft.

4 years and 4 months in jail.

Client entered diversion program, whereby client must complete 52 domestic violence classes. Once the classes are finished, the case is dismissed without the client being convicted of any crime.

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

12 months in jail.

After getting the City Attorney involved, before the case was filed, we convinced the prosecutor to only file a "dry reckless" charge. Client plead no contest to the dry reckless charge. This charge does not cause a driver's license suspension or req

Prescription Drug DUI.

6 months in jail.

The case was dismissed without the client having to do any classes or diversion programs.

Possession of drug paraphernalia.

6 months in jail.

No jail time and information probation following our mental health intervention. Client received top-notch treatment and is back in school and on the road to a productive life and recovery. Once probation is complete we will apply to the court for a

Mentally ill and very young adult charged in multiple cases with malicious mischief to vehicles, petty theft, and attempted petty theft.

Multiple cases and multiple grants of probation and years in jail.

No license suspension. Following a contested hearing with the DMV driver safety office, we successfully argued that the evidence was not sufficient to support a finding that the client's BAC was over .08 at the time of driving.

DMV license suspension and potential for increased insurance cost.

No jail time, no interlock device, no alcohol terms.

DUI with .30 BAC (driving erratically)

180 days in jail, interlock device installed in vehicle, alcohol terms.

Attempted Murder charge was dismissed following an aggressive mental health defense. Our client was released from custody to his parents with time served on probation.

Attempted Murder, Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Life in prison.

Following aggressive medical marijuana defense client received No jail, simple misdemeanor possession and upon completion of drug classes he is eligible to have a full dismissal of the case.

Multiple felony drug complaint including marijuana trafficking, marijuana transportation and conspiracy.

Years of incarceration, formal probation, steep fines and fees and loss of his professional license.

Case dismissed following extensive negotiations with the Court and the Office of the District Attorney.

Our juvenile client was charged with Felony conspiracy and two counts of commercial burglary after our Client allegedly admitted to conspiring to steal property from an Apple Store

Lengthy incarceration in the California Youth Authority a felony record and intensive probation.

After presenting an aggressive criminal defense demonstrating our client's outstanding contributions to the community, the fact that he was the valedictorian of his class and the constitutional legal issues with the vehicle stop the case was dismisse

Minor in possession of alcohol charged following a search of the vehicle where our Client was simply a passenger.

Loss of driver's license, misdemeanor and potential probation.

Client received no suspension (also known as a "set aside") after a successful and highly technical DUI defense was presented at a contested DMV hearing. In this case the officer did not observe our client for the required amount of time prior to blo

Following a DUI arrest our Client was facing driver's license suspension.

Client facing loss of his Driver's license as a result of having a blood alcohol well over .08

Following a through pre-filing intervention and investigation the District Attorney rejected the case outright and no criminal charges were filed.

Our mentally ill client with no criminal record was arrested for resisting arrest after his father tried unsuccessfully to have him committed to a mental hospital.

Incarceration, probation and potential loss of social security benefits.

With the help of our investigator we were able to determine that the alleged victim did not want to pursue prosecution and the case was dismissed by the Judge through a civil compromise over the DA's objection.

Our client was charged with hit and run after he allegedly ran his car into a tree on private property, left a bottle of rum in the vehicle and fled the scene.

Jail, probation, DMV points on his record, misdemeanor conviction hefty fines and fees.

Case dismissed by the Court following a theft diversion program.

Following an arrest for manufacturing false parking permits our client was charged with forgery.

Deportation, misdemeanor conviction, incarceration, probation and fines.

Following extensive investigation and aggressive criminal defense the District Attorney dismissed all charges because the client was actually the victim of false accusations.

2 counts of domestic battery and one count of exhibiting a deadly weapon filed against our client after his estranged wife and children alleged he punched them and went after them with a weapon.

Incarceration, loss of gun rights, formal probation, conviction and 52 weeks of domestic violence classes.

In each of the cases we were able to get the cases expunged off his record so he could pursue his professional licenses

Our client had multiple outstanding cases and warrants for 10 plus year old cases for crimes that were allegedly committed when he was a college student.

Client wanted to get security clearance and could not do to the outstanding warrants.

Judge dismissed case after contested preliminary hearing

3rd Strike, Attempted Robbery

Life in prison

Reduced to time served on non-sex related charge. After a hung jury, the prosecution reduced the charges to false imprisonment and gave our client time served with no sex offender registration.

Felony Child Molestation

8 years in State prison with lifetime sex offender registration

Not guilty at trial on all charges. Despite two eye witnesses and an alleged confession the client was acquitted on all charges. If convicted, he wouldn't have even been eligible for parole for 65 years.

1st degree murder with gang and gun allegations

65 years to life in prison

Case dismissed - Our team utilized top forensic experts and their extraordinary legal skills to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case because their client was not IMPAIRED by the drugs while driving.

DUI Drugs

License suspension, formal probation, custody time,steep fines and fees.

Case reduced to an infraction, no driver's license suspension and no probation

Drunk in public under 21

Misdemeanor, probation and one year loss of driving privileges

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