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After a Conviction: DUI Appeals

The DUI process doesn't always end when the court closes your case. If a mistake was made during your DUI trial, you may be able to appeal the conviction in a higher court. The appeals court may overturn your conviction for any number of reasons. For instance: the conviction could be overturned if the jury was misled or given erroneous instruction. If the trial court applied the wrong law, the prosecution made an inappropriate argument, or imposed the wrong sentence. If evidence existed that was not made available to the defendant, the appeals court may overturn the conviction. Additionally, new evidence in your favor could lead to an overturned conviction in the appeals court. To learn more about your options during the appeals process, call our office and speak with our qualified Santa Barbara DUI defense team.

DUI Lawyers in Santa Barbara, CA

If you're facing a DUI arrest, contact Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP today. With more than five decades of collective legal experience behind us, we have the commitment to help you obtain the favorable case outcome you need. Our lawyers have achieved an AV Preeminent® rating on Martindale-Hubbell®. We have served clients in more than 200 jury trials, and always provide the best legal representation that our team can offer. Our legal service is characterized by hard work, dedication, and passion for criminal defense law.

We have a full understanding of California DUI laws, DMV hearings, field sobriety tests, and DUI defense tactics. Call our office today and schedule a case evaluation to see what Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP can do for your DUI defense case.