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If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a serious crime, finding a high quality, aggressive Isla Vista criminal lawyer to represent you is an urgent matter. At Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP, our legal team is well respected and is recognized for our long history of favorable case results. We have are AV rated, or "preeminent" in our field, have over 50 years combined experience, and have served at over 200 jury trials. We are proud to have achieved hundreds of case dismissals in which our clients were free to walk away, without the burden of a trial, a conviction, or the fear involved in criminal proceedings.

The criminal justice system is tough, and it is imperative that you have defense counsel that is proficient in all aspects of the process, including pretrial hearings, prefile intervention for the benefit of the accused, bail hearings as well as in presenting a compelling defense case to a jury at trial. Our years in practice allow us to have the degree of experience and insight into the criminal justice system that is so badly needed by people facing charges in the Isla Vista area.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Isla Vista

Our focus is on criminal defense. We take on cases fully committed to our clients and their cause. We seek out every possible advantage for them, both in negotiations with the prosecutor and at trial. We represent the accused in federal crimes of all types, DUI, and every aspect of the DUI process, including DMV hearings. We offer aggressive defense counsel to fight back in criminal accusations of vehicular manslaughter, any misdemeanor, and the most serious of felony charges including murder, three strikes crimes and others. Our firm is very familiar with defending all types of drug crimes, including possession, distribution, and charges involving the issue of medical marijuana. If you want to clear your criminal record of arrests and convictions, we can provide legal representation to pursue an expungement.

We also offer our defense counsel in complex cases of internet crimes, white collar crimes including mortgage fraud or other financial criminal accusations. Our broad range of experience allows us to represent the accused in serious traffic crimes such as hit and run. If your child is facing the repercussions of being accused of juvenile crimes, we believe they deserve every possible opportunity to reduce the damage to their lives, and we act accordingly when defending young people. The legal team also provides aggressive defense counsel for all types of violent crimes including assault, battery, and domestic violence.

If you are accused of probation violations and have been taken into custody, or are aware that there is a warrant for your arrest, we urge you to contact us before the case progresses further. We will move forward quickly to initiate actions that are geared to help you avoid incarceration whenever possible. We also offer defense counsel in sex crimes such as rape, all theft crimes including petty theft and grand theft, and other felony offenses, either in state or federal court.

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